letzte Arbeitstag und Vorfreunde auf Fiji

naja was soll ich sagen „The Job is done“ – and i’m happy to go to fiji tomorrow. The weather in sydney is realy bad. It’s rainy and very cold. I must go to another place. Everybody who i met – is arived or go back in a couple of days. I get homesick and that’s terrible. My plans for the next month is 10 days  in Fiji and then to Brisbane. Hopply i meet christiane their. Well, yesterday was my last workingday….the job is finish. Doug invited me, he sayed „when you are back in sydney and you need a job call me or send me a message. Thank’s for your hand!“ The best was, i went to the bank and i looked on my bankacount. Thanks for a lot of money (about 900$ it’s 500 euro for one week – crazy, amazing, fantastic). I see you later mate….