Where is the way to australia?

So after 4 months,  i want to fly back to australia! Your question must be, why he want to go back? I think that’s life – the real life. I mean the way to life isn’t the normal life in germany. The normal way to life in germany is wake up in the morning, go to work and wait that you get older! And this is what we’re famous for in rest of the world. We’re Germans. Always we thing – make a good job and you gonna be happy! Is that all? After 10 month in Australia and a couple of months in germany – i was always thinking, what i want to do after australia – back in germany.

So i was looking for a new job and i got job. I was working for wholesaler. My business was selling books to schools.  This isn’t the job what I did before – before I went to australia. I thought – you should find another job – don’t do this what your’re did before. Do anything else, but make the diffrence. But I made a mistake. I didn’t do what i like to do.  I did this what somebody expect what I should to do!

So now i’m doing this what i like to do. I want to start study! But now it’s too late. I must wait and so I can’t sit on the sofa for the next mounth and get money from the staat to do nothing (maybye the easy way) but everybody how knew me, he must know that I want always to do something. So I got a look on my bankacount. I ask myself, if i have enough money, to go back to australia? I have got the money. Now you are know why i’m doing this.

 I want to feel alive……and i don’t want a cold feet. I prefer a sunburn. So from the this day you can read the Australien – the journey must go on 🙂 . The next story who i write – i’ll sit in sydney.